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Herds, Hoards, and What nots... Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?

Old ~*Rainbow Rockers Band*~

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Old 07-26-2010, 06:40 PM
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I'm back :D!!!!
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~*Rainbow Rockers Band*~

~*Rainbow Rockers*~

First thing, I play Club Penguin again! Second, some of you may remember this from last year's Music Jam... Then it was forgotten. I intend to bring this back up from the grave of forgotten stuff!


If you don't know, Rainbow Rockers was a band created during the 2009 Music Jam. It was created by me at the Dock stage. I don't remember the details, but me and a group of penguins formed the Rainbow Rockers band. To get more instruments, I posted the thread on CPF. Big hit. If you look through the 'Grave of forgotten stuff' as I call it, you might find the old thread.


How to join:


Fill that out, and I will make you a member.


1. After 1 day, I will lock your penguin's color and instrument. You may change until then.
2. Only one penguin can have one color and instrument. (Example: Only one person can be Blue and have Drums.) Multiple people can be different colors and have the same instrument though.
3. Obey the rules of Club Penguin and of CPF.
4. All rehearsals are at my igloo.
5. Our server is Big Foot.


Current Band Members:

Username: snowcone101
Penguin: Rwolt9
Color: Pink [LOCKED]
Instrument: Pink Electric Guitar [LOCKED]

Username: Not on this site
Penguin: Jassal
Color: Red [LOCKED]
Instrument: Trumpet [LOCKED]

Username: Met on Club Penguin
Penguin: Music Jam5
Color: Black [LOCKED]
Instrument: Blue Base Guitar [LOCKED]


Extra Information:

  1. Our server is Big Foot. In the possibility it is full, our sub-server is Christmas.
  2. If you want to add me, please tell me in your post.
  3. If you are mean/ brag/do anything that is rude, you will be removed.


My penguin's info:

Name: Rwolt9
Been a member for: Probably 1 1/2 years.
Age: 892 days



Join Rainbow Rockers! Clicky here: ~*Rainbow Rockers Band*~

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