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Old Should there be a mood making thread?

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Old 06-13-2010, 09:41 PM
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Should there be a mood making thread?

Should there be a mood making thread? Really: I've been to the other fansites and there were mood making threads where people would make threads and the admins would add them if they liked them It would be awesomeness if they did that and i got some ideas and all :O
ok so look below.... one of them is animated and like first it changes after 10 seconds then 9 then 8 then 7 then 6 then 5 then 4.... then 1 then .9 then .8 seconds and in the end you explode lol. anyways here they are ( i hope the animated one works ) srry they're in the psd. format so if you down own photoshop you can only view it since it will just open but u cant save it or anything: ppl who have photoshop u can modify them or whatever for avatars or something.:
They are Nuts! Cry & Muffin. I have to do something with Explode b4 i put it...

EDIT: Explode works now :P *gives self a pat on da back*
EDIT 2: nuts no it doesnt :/ fixing it. the gif format messed it up ;-;
EDIT 3: I made it shorter lets try now....
EDIT 3 1/2: NUTS its too big as PSD STILL and wont open with gimp D:
EDIT 4: can anyone tell me a program thats good to make gif files with D: photoshop+gimp is no good, and psd for explode is too large D:
Attached Images
File Type: psd Muffin.psd (10.2 KB, 142 views)
File Type: psd Cry.psd (9.1 KB, 113 views)
File Type: psd Nuts!.psd (11.5 KB, 121 views)
Puppies are cute:
(Click MEEE )
But ClubPenguin iz rockin!:
<---(CP here! )
But are we alone in this place?
<----And a new world here
(Unless I change :O )

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Old 06-20-2010, 01:24 AM
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yes there should

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