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Club Penguin Mini-Games Instructions, Rules, Strategy and Tactics for the Mini-Games

Old How to- Cart surfer Tricks and tips.

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Old 02-07-2010, 10:45 PM
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Cool How to- Cart surfer Tricks and tips.

Hello. Im here to give YOU tips on cart Surfer.

Step 1:gettin' started

Ok getting started, you start by pressing start or instructions to learn the controls.

the controls are:

Space Bar-Jump
Left arrow key-turn left
Right arrow key-turn right
down arrow key-Pop a wheelie
up arrow key-stand up

step 2:Trick list

here is a list of tricks!

BACKFLIP- down then space bar. 1 time-100 pts, 2 times in a row- 50 pts
360 Airial spin- space, left/right. 1 time- 80 pts, 2 times in a row- 40 pts
ground slam- space, down 1 time- 30 pts, 2 times in a row- 15 pts
Hand stand- up 2x- 1 time- 80 pts, 2 times in a row- 40 pts
wheelie- down
Run with cart- down x2 1 time- 80 pts, 2 times in a row- 40 pts
Grind- down, left-right (hold), Points vary for how long you hold the grind b4 toppleing over.

STEP 3: coins!

ok heres how you find out how many coins you get. lol this was kinda hard to figure out 4 me.......

ok say you get 4567 points

you find how many digets are in your total score. the take that number and subtract 1 from the total number of digets. the you start left to right and take the first *difference of subtraction problem* of you score and thats how many coins you get.

EXAMPLE: total score 4567. 4-1=3 4567.

you get 456 coins!!!


ok advanced combos,

PErsonally i like to alternate between A backflip and 360 which would give me 180 pts after each alternate round of backflip the 360 so that can score u high!

Instead of turning and getting only 10 points on turns, why not get 40+ points!
well you can!
as you approach the turn, quickly grind in the direction of the turn, AND HOLD IT!!!!! until the turn straightens fully, hold the grind and you score bigger on each turn!

lol myb arm hurts so i should really stop typing,and i got everything done! so ill end it!!!


lol anyways GOOD-BYE1!!!!!

~icecle rat~

dont ask 0___0
check out my userpage @ With the Rockhooper and Pin tracker!

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