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Old Indytig10's (The penguin) Bday Partay!!

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Old 01-08-2010, 07:40 AM
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Talking Indytig10's (The penguin) Bday Partay!!

Ohai. U found the thread about mah penguin's BDAY!! He's turned 365 days old on January 7th!!!!!111!!!1!!!111!!!!!!one!! YAYZ! I rembr a year ago when we found out Tiggerdude10 (Mah old penguin) wuz BAND. Yesh, band. I even rmbr da tlk mah dad had on da fone. (Nt quoting, swering.) Soz, I gt bord and dcidid to pst this wit bad gramr. (Oh, hi. You found the thread about my penguin's BIRTHDAY!! He's turned 365 days old on January 7th! Yay! I remember a year ago when we found out Tiggerdude10 (My old penguin) was banned. Yes, banned. I even remember the talk my dad had on da fone. (Not quoting, swearing.) So, I got bored and decided to post the with bad grammar.)

Date: 1-11-10
Time: 3:15 PM PST
Where: Server Cabin, (It's a new one!) Room Ice Berg (When I say "Iggy," I'll open mah iggy and you'll go there.)
RSVP: PM meh.

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