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Old PDA : Penguin Detective Agency

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Old 08-10-2009, 06:30 PM
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Check my userpage.
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PDA : Penguin Detective Agency

Lots of stuff is happening around Club Penguin... we need some detectives on our side. However, you must be ready to face these challenges. First of all, before it ends, head over to Ruby and the Ruby to discover the hiding place of the ruby. Then hop into your costume. Just tell me penguin name to join!

Currently on Caribou! There's some weird penguin waddling around, known as the P9s. Makes no sense. They all start with P9, then random and numbers.
Suspect : P90116195
I was lucky to get a P9 on my buddy list. Perhaps if I can find whoever started this P9 nonsense, I can find out what it's all about.
Case Closed : P9s are really just Penguin#s. They shortened it. I found this out by looking at my buddy list. My friend in real life made a new penguin, and his name STILL isn't approved! I thought he removed me from his buddy list, but he actually had a different name : P#.

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Old 08-10-2009, 07:07 PM
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Yeah i didnt even know what Penguin9497809 and then i figured it out that there name arent approved yet lol but then they changed to P9 and then th rest of the numbers lol
Go CPF! Ella0702 is my penguin and Im usually on the server yeti so if you want to be my buddy just ask me

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Izzy,Snowflake, Leonardo, Cannon

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