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Old Card jitsu strategy

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Old 07-20-2009, 11:15 AM
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Card jitsu strategy

I'm quite good at card jitsu, I have 2 penguins, both ninjas, and I have a specail penguin for card-jitsu (His name is 4gu4, the second penguin)
I entered 10 card codes into him, whilst 1jim3bob only has 3 card codes.
Anyway, that's enough about me.


* means that this only applys to you if you have code cards, or if your opponent has.

How to win
Before I go on, please note you can get all the basics from the sensei, but if your too lazy, you can read it from here.

You had fire. So you picked all of them, and won all of them, but still didn't win. Why? Because they were all the same colour. They have to be diffrent colours.

You had fire. So you picked all of them, and won all of them, and won. Why? Because they were all diffrent colours.

Now, you had 1 of each element, and you picked all of them, you won with all of them, and they were all diffrent colours. You've won.

Y'see, that's why you should go to the sensei instead of me, because you didn't understand that, did you?
A small strategy for winning.

Choose fire. If that works, then you can continue the strategy.
Then choose water, if that works, choose water again.
By now your opponent may think your going to choose water again, and they are likely to choose ice.
Choose the highest ice card you have.
*If it's higher than 7, then you are more likely to win.
If it's 7, you are likely to win, or draw.
Make sure theyre all diffrent colours, otherwise you have messed up the strategy.

Specail cards

You using specail cards

If you pick a standard specail card (Hose, sled racing or jackhammer) choose the lowest card you have. If your opponent chooses the same element, you will win or draw.

*If you choose a card that removes either water, fire, ice or a certain colour of card, check if they've used that kind of card (The squares)

*If you choose a card that doesn't allow them to use a certain element, heres examples.

Your opponents not aloud to use Water: Choose the highest type of fire you have, and chances are you'll win.

Your opponent's not aloud to use fire: Choose the highest type of ice you have.

Your opponents not aloud to use ice: Choose the highest type of water you have.

*It is highly reccomened you use a card that lets you win if your opponent uses the element that beat's the element your using.


If they choose water, and you choose that type of fire, then chances are you'll win, unless they use a lvl 10+ type of that card.

To be continued! I can't be bothered to do the rest of it!
--- I think...
Old 07-20-2009, 05:08 PM
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Wow, cool! I will look at this when I need help on Card Jitsu!

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