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Old Decorating guide!!

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Old 06-17-2009, 07:32 PM
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Decorating guide!!

Hi Everyone! Here's my guide to getting the most out of your igloo!!

Now, when I start off I like to look through all the catalogs that have furniture, and see what I like, or what fits in with my idea. This brings us to what your theme is. Even no theme is a theme. What do you like best? What reflects your personality? A home? A mall? An airplane or a restaurant? The possibilities are endless! You could have one item or a thousand items! Sometimes I come up with one idea and then change my mind. You could start with a sofa and end with an inflatable dinosaur! Lets say we're making a home, thats an easy one to start with if your a new member, and can be very creative. Now a home can branch off in many different ways. Will there be many pets? Are you a penguin who likes to adopt little penguins from the pet shop? Do you have a roommate? Homes can look very different, lets say it's just us and a purple puffle named Fuzz:. Now that we know what we want and who will be living there, we need to figure out the price. Now this hasn't bothered me for a while, I have over 600,000 coins and have changed my igloo three times today, but most penguins have about 1000 coins average. Now lets imagine what our home will look like, and going back to the catalogs we looked at earlier, think of what items are available, and what you already have.Now add up the prices of each item, including the igloo but not the rug.
Earn your coins, I usually play bean counters or puffle roundup. Puffle roundup is less tedious, but bean counters gets more coins per round. But puffle roundup lets you see how many coins you have total, and lets you play without having to enter it again until your finished. Remember to write down how many coins you need. Now lets decorate. First we get our igloo, but not the rug. now we take all the items we are using out of storage. Now lets try spreading them around. Figure out what areas you have(e.g bedroom kitchen ect). Lets start with the bedroom. Figure out where it'll go, mines in this bottom corner. Separate all items into their spots(Put them in piles where they go. e.g sofa in the livingroom corner, sink in the kitchen...) Arrange them how you wish, sometimes swapping one item for another, switching it around, things like that, tweaking it until it's just right. Now pick a flooring, make sure it goes well in every area, for homes I prefer a wood floor. Now get some music that you can boogie too!! You igloo is now finished! Heres how our test one turned out


Now we have a wonderful igloo to enjoy! And we saved coins too! I hope you enjoyed my guide, and I hope it helped you like it helped me! My igloos turn out much better now!

~Dizzie(And Fuzz)

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