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Old Club Penguin Tips and Secrets

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Old 08-10-2007, 01:17 PM
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Club Penguin Tips and Secrets


This is my guide on the less known things in the game, Club Penguin. It will tell you about how to become a tour guide or a secret agent, throw
snowballs rapid-fire, a few tips on the games and a few more bits and bobs that new and old penguins alike should know.

Chapter One: Becoming and Being A Secret Agent/Tour Guide

To become a Secret Agent, first of all log into any server you like. Then, click on the "M" badge on the top right part of the Club Penguin screen. A box will pop up with another badge on it and a button saying "Become a Secret Agent". Click on it and another box will pop up with some text. Read it then click next. There will now be a quiz in the box. I don't know the EXACT answers, but here are some tips to help:
1. If one of the answers says "I want to be an Agent to chill out in the HQ", don't click it! Use common sense.
2. You are meant to be helping the community! Don't answer "To report people for throwing snowballs"!
3. Do not answer that
After you have finished the quiz, another box will come up. Read and then log off and log back on again. It can be on any server. Then, click on yourself. If you have a little phone in the bottom right corner of your picture, then you are an Agent! Congrats!
Being a tour guide is nearly the same. First of all log into any server and go the the Ski Village, which is located under the mountain on the map. In the village, there is a little stand saying "Tours". Click on it and a box will
come up. Read it all, then at the bottom it says "Would you like to become a tour guide yourself? Click here for more details!" Click it, then another box comes up. Click "take the quiz". This time I have the answers, as they are hard to know.

Q:1 A: Answer 4

Q:2 A: Answer 3

Q:3 A: Answer 1

Q:4 A: Answer 2

Q:5 A: Answer 2

Q:6 A: Answer 4

Q:7 A: Answer 4

Q:8 A: Answer: Mullet

Q:9 A: 1

Then a message will pop up congratualating you on completing the test. Click "Receive your free tour guide hat" and you will get a little black hat with a question mark on it. If you wear it on its own you can give a tour by clicking the little speech box button in the blue bar at the bottom, then clicking "Activities" then clicking "Give a tour". Thanks for reading.

Chapter Two: Snowballing

You can fire snowballs by pressing the snowball button in the blue bar and clicking where you need it to go. Another way of doing it is by clicking "T" on the keyboard and clicking where it needs to go. This creates the ultimate snowballing service, you see, if you press "T" then the mouse, "T" then the mouse and so on, you get lots of snowballs at once! So press "T", the click down the mouse and repeat as many times as needed. With a little practice, you will be able to fire tons at a time. This is the best method of attack to other penguins. More methods can be sending a large amount of friend requests to the penguin targeted, circling until they go away is another good one. But the best one is snowballing. Just fire tons and they run off straight away. Works like a charm. Use this infomation well, and don't let it fall into the wrong hands . Thanks for reading.

Chapter Three: Games

I have some tips for most games here. In Cart Rider, to get a lot of money, just do back-flips (click the down arrow key then the space bar) then side-spins (click space bar then left or right arrow key).
In the Jet Pack game, don't use your fuel all the time, just use a bit to thrust along a bit then use a bit more.
To get lots of money in Thin Ice, just melt every single aquare in every level. This is quite hard to master, so it will take a few tries of the game to do every level perfectly.
In the Pizzatron 5000 game (Located through the beaded door on the left in the Pizza Parlour) on the menu look at the bottom of the coveyor belt and there will be a lever. Click it and it will turn. Then play the game, and instead of things like fish, there are jelly beans and chocolate sauce! These tips are all pretty handy and you should use them to your advantage. Thanks for reading.

Chapter Four: Cattelog Secrets

This part of the guide is about secret items in the cattelog this month. To get the Red Viking Helmet, click on the pair of Headphones on page 17 of the Clothing Cattelog. To get the Blue Viking Helmet, click the Headphones 3 more times. To buy the Red Guitar, just click the little green dots on the Electric Guitar located on page 14. If you click on the Flashlight it will switch on.

Chapter Five: Secret Areas

There are three Secret Areas. One is the Dojo, which is located on the smallest mountain peak. Another is the Iceburg which is located at the top right of the map. The last is Agent HQ which can be found by either clicking on yourself and then clicking your Spyphone and clicking "Visit HQ" or going into the dressing room closest to the hat stand in the gift shop in Ski Village, but only if you are an agent.

You may take the infomation but please don't reproduce the exact text.

I hope you enjoyed it. Please reply as it took a long time to make.
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Old 08-10-2007, 04:39 PM
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It's a good guide. There are lots of other things you could add too. (and about rapid fire, it only looks like that on your user. To another penguin it would be just normal. About copyright, I don't think Nick would allow it sometime later (he proclaimed that on TTC too) Everyone needs something to put in a guide.
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Old 08-10-2007, 06:11 PM
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Nice guide.
Penguin name: Sprinter45
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If anyone needs help with Club Penguin,
please give me a pm. I'll be happy to help!

I hope I'll get to see you guys in CP!
Old 08-10-2007, 06:13 PM
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Thanks Flash Flood. You are one of the nicest members I know.
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Old 08-25-2007, 10:33 PM
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nice guide!

although i think you're missing a secret area. isn't the Mine a secret area also?
- jay
Old 08-26-2007, 05:56 AM
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Click on the wetsuit to get goggles for 250. It is on page 7, I think and is in the upper left hand corner where the swimsuits are.
Old 09-02-2007, 05:18 PM
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If you go to the newly redesigned Sports Shop, go to the surfboards page, click on the penguin until the surfboard he is holding goes to the pink flower, click on the shell, and then the starfish, either way round, and then you can buy the silver surfboard!

Not sure if this is the right place, but I'll just post it here anyway!

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