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Old Club Penguin Advertised In Theaters

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Old 12-14-2011, 09:17 AM
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Club Penguin Advertised In Theaters

I'm sorry if this has been said already but I looked through for a topic like it & couldn't find one. Also I have been gone for quite a while so I'm a little out of the loop.

I came back because today I went to go see Happy Feet 2 (which was awesome by the way) & before the movie started there was a Club Penguin ad.

How many of you go to Cinemark theaters? I use to only go to Regal because there were only Regal theaters in our area but quite a few years ago they built a Cinemark theater in our area. I usually only go to that theater now.

To get back on topic Cinemark has a thing called First Look. Usually when I see a bunch of movies around the same time I know each First Look ad & stuff. They change it a lot so I don't know them back to front but I see them so often.

We are short on money this year so I haven't really seen too many movies. I've been looking forward to a second Happy Feet ever since the ending of the first so I had to see it sometime while it was in theaters. While watching First Look they played a very cute Club Penguin short using the same animation as Never Wake A Sleeping Sensei & their other ones.

WARNING! If you have not seen this yet & hope to watch it at one point DO NOT READ ON! It might contain a few spoilers. Just skip until you see more caps & that will be the end of the spoilers.

Alright sorry I can talk a lot. Anyways in this short it has a bunch of penguins sitting in a movie theater waiting to watch the movie. For all you Jet Pack Guy fans out there, Jet is sitting in the front row.

While in it there's just some cute little things of penguins being rude like making the annoying fart noise & all. We even see a little Herbert & Klutzy!

IT IS SAFE! Under these letters no more spoilers! Sorry I would have put that in a spoiler box & actually I might just try to figure out how but for now I don't know how. Sorry for not knowing much. It's been too long since I've come by.

So with the shorts on Clubpenguin's tube channel & this short playing in the movie theater, what is to be expected in the future? Well many fans including us have asked Club Penguin about releasing a movie. I might not go as far as to expecting a movie but what if the show gets its own series on Disney Channel?

I really think it would be a fun topic to discuss & I'm sorry I said a lot there. But seriously with the shorts on their channel & now a ad in the movie theater it's seriously growing & I think we might get something big in the future.

Whether it be a movie or a series or just mini cartoons on Disney anything is possible & I really want to hear everyone's thoughts on it. I also want to know who else has seen this short in the theaters? If you haven't I might try to see if I can find it elsewhere & if I can then everyone can see it which will make me happy.
Old 01-29-2012, 12:11 AM
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Wait, wait, wait.. a penguin ad on a penguin movie?
Old 02-26-2012, 07:33 PM
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Yep, i saw that! Pretty cool!
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Old 04-04-2012, 06:54 PM
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Yo! I saw that yesterday! Its on the webstie now!
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