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Old How to find famous penguins like rockhopper

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Old 01-26-2010, 08:51 PM
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How to find famous penguins like rockhopper

First of all dont waste your time looking for trackers most of them do not 100 percent work.
The tracker I think is the most accurate is chrisdog93's rockhopper tracker.
But even that one is not always right!
And dont expect to find rockhopper or any other famous penguins the very second after you read this thread [he is not on club penguin anyways]
So the first thing you need to know about finding rockhopeer or any other famous penguiin is that they are usally on crowded servers even if he goes on a really low populated server that server will eventually get full How?
Well there has to be atleast one penguin on the server who noticed rockhopper so he could open a new tab and post where he found him on a thread like this and then chrisdog might read it and log on that server to make sure and then once he sees rockhopper he goes to update hs tracker and then people read it and log on and this can all happen in less then 5 minutes.
Second;You need to really quick especailly now when a million people play club penguin so if you have google chrome i reccomend you use it because for most users it is a lot faster then firefox or internet explorer.
I even did a test to see how fast i can log on into club penguin the second i open google chrome and im not kidding my personal best is 20 seconds!
So google chrome actully gives you a better shot at finding rockhopper!
Third is that once you are in the same server as rockhopper it is quite easy to find him people that do not really care about meeting rockhopper will be shouting ? FOUND AT ?! and whatever room you are in make sure you open up your list then go to users in room.
If a famous penguin is in the room his name will probably be at the top of the list if not scroll down to the names that start with the first letters of famous penguin.
If he is not there go on to the next room.

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Old 01-29-2010, 11:33 AM
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Thanks! Thats really useful. Make sure you post some more stuff though cuz alot of penguins know this

And most trackers do work. I found Aunt Arctic with one and it worked perfectly (well, kinda)

Old 01-29-2010, 07:21 PM
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Lol, once I was sitting in the snow forts and he just popped up. I was the only one in that room ATM so I was like "ummm hi?" and that was the response I got back,it was just all piratey. Then a dud came in, left, and then fifteen more dudes came in. One thing you might add into your guide is RH's favorite rooms, he's most likely to show up in the Pizza Parlor, Snow Forts, Ice Berg, And the Migrator.

Old 02-04-2010, 10:48 AM
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I had something smilar to yours Dizzi one time i was in a quiet server and then went to the Pizza Parlor the whole place was empty nobody there and RH came in And said the ? thing and then disappeared i was like O.o

~Chomp Chomp


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