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Polls & Surveys In here are polls and surveys about Disney's Club Penguin you may participate in & create.

Old How to make a Poll. (V-2.0)

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Old 05-08-2008, 12:12 AM
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How to make a Poll. (V-2.0)

Well, first this guide was made to update Batleth's guide on how to make a poll from the TTC version to a CPF version.

1) The first step is to go to the Poll's forum. Which you've probably already done. However, if you just got a link to this thread heres a picture of it from the index.

2) Next make a new thread. This can be done by clicking the "New Thread" button.

3) Put in the Poll title and add a description to it. As seen below.

4) Scroll down past where you push Sumbit New Thread and there's an option that says "Yes, post a poll with this thread" . Make sure that's checked and choose the number of answers your post will have like "Yes" "No" "Maybe" could be an example. Then click on Submit New Thread to proceed to the next screen.

5) Then there will be information pertaining to your poll, like what the question will be and what the answers will be and what kind of poll you want (i.e. private, public, multiple choice). Fill in all that information and then click Sumbit New Poll.

If you've already created a thread and want to add a poll to it after the thread is made, there should be an option in Thread Tools (upper right hand corner of the thread) and then you can click Add a Poll to this Thread. Follow the step 5 above and your poll will be added to that thread.

Note: ONLY the person who created the thread can add the poll.

Also Note: Only the Polls forum will allow you to add a poll. If you're posting in, say, The Playground, it won't allow you to add a poll. Keep polls in the Polls forum. If you have a thread you want to make a poll with, ask a moderator or admin to move it for you and then, when they get to it, you can add a poll later.

Also, keep in mind that polls will not show up right away.
All postings in the Polls Forum are subject to review before they are shown. If a poll or post does not appear after 24 hours, it's likely it was removed. See the CPF Policies for further info. Either way, there's no need to create multiple responses or multiple polls that say the same thing.

Please try to keep these polls Club Penguin or Disney related, and/or something that deserves to be on the front page. i.e. Which is your favorite puffle? These things show up on our home page. We don't want posts that say "What's your favorite: ketchup or mayonaise?" even if they are "informative" for some reason.

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