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Originally Posted by mckenzie8887 View Post
What is a pookie?
A pookie is a penguin who dresses in girlish clothes and pretends to be a (big) baby... They are usually considered “Annoying”, “Exentric” or even “BanWorthy”... They have pets called uppie(s) and mums and dads (Mumu and Dada). There are 2 kinds of MuMu's, the young and sporty Mumu, who doesn't care about the pookie and the aged and rich mumu, who spoils the pookie in any way possible... Pookies also have Brothers and Sisters (Bigger Bruders and Bigger Wistas). They say cute phrases like: «Smiles so bright, Mister Sun hides» and more disgusting ones like: «Farts Cutely»...