View Full Version : Rat's art shoppe. sigs, avs prof pics and edits. (sry no userbars unless i hire *_*)

icecle rat178
02-08-2010, 11:06 PM
Lol im opening a shop of art that provides intermediate avatars, profile pics sigs and edits. just ABSOULTLY NO USERBARS!!!!! lol i just cannot make them!

so you must send a pic for an edit or crop to fit in a prof pic, avatar, or sig.

lol we are hiring ppl and if i get someone to do userbars, ill beable to change the title.......

so yeah you can crop, edit, do userbars, help out with me or effects. or do everything for a job............

ill work on a logo 4 it..

and lol my sig is an example of wut i can do..... if you dont like my sig, DONT ORDER A SIG!!! lol sry........


*NOTICE~ please send me an example of what you can do with the job u want plz!)