View Full Version : Pnguin I.D.-Wouldn't it be cool to have a changing sig?

12-28-2009, 03:29 AM
Welcome to Pnguin I.D.! Bored of signatures that are the same?
Then you need a Pnguin I.D.! A Pnguin I.D. is going to be a state-of-the-art signature that MAGICALLY changes! You can even order me to change it's clothes! Need more than just clothing changes? Make your Pnguin Png Fun compatible! Png Fun is an optional Pnguin I.D. add-on that adds stamina, strength, fun, and hunger bars to have, of course, more fun with your Pnguin! In addition to having a Pnguin I.D., you can also have a Iggee! An iggee if a custom home for your Pnguin, and it's PF compatible, like adding different sports equipment! You can also put your Pnguin I.D. anywhere on the web! On your UP, your blog, even another fansite! I, however, need to find a way to make this Pnguin I.D. thing work. You can also make pre-orders, and get a rare blue and white party hat, exclusive only to pre-orders!
Pnguin I.D. Concepts:
NONE! Look back for what the Pnguin I.D. might look like!

Feel free to submit Png-deas and art! Maybe it will be seen in the final Pnguin I.D. concept!

Ds Manaic Jr.
12-28-2009, 03:40 AM
..... I am taking offense. Now I realize that I made that using paint and its terrible, but maybe YOU should make a bad-example sig instead of using the sig I made. :-( Thats the last time I'll make you a sig. And I make goood sigs now. Thats your loss buddy. Thats right, feel bad.