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  1. Maniachelena's How To's: How to play Hydro-Hopper
  2. Shadow's Guide: Cart Surfing
  3. Fav Game/High Score?
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  10. Puffles 'n' Games
  11. Omg 507 coins on cart surfer!!!!!!!!1
  12. Big Fish in Aqua Grabber
  13. Annalina3's guide to Aqua Grabber
  14. Dance Contest!!!
  15. Dance Contest
  16. How To Play: Card-Jitsu Fire
  17. Card-Jitsu Fire- Too Hard to Earn
  18. Cardjitsu Normal/Fire Tips:
  19. How to- Cart surfer Tricks and tips.
  20. Arcade Dance Lounge Game Tips
  21. Ultimate Guide to DJ3K
  22. Club Penguin Party
  23. Defeated Sensei on Second Try!
  24. Green Puffle available in Jet Pack Adventure
  25. Mini-Game:Card Jitsu Guide
  26. How To Play: Card-Jitsu Water
  27. thin ice
  28. Funkylemon's guide to Astro Barrier!
  29. which game gives the most coins?
  30. The Mini-games won't work for me!
  31. Mullet up!