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  1. How to make a Poll. (V-2.0)
  2. What Video Game Console do you have?
  3. Have YOU Defeated Sensei?
  4. Why do you think more people are quiting club penguin these days?
  5. How many Puffle's do you have?
  6. Favorite Penguin Colorr?!
  7. What is your favorite server?
  8. Are you a member?
  9. What fansites are you a member of?
  10. Are you part of the EPF?
  11. How Did you Find CPF?
  12. What's Your Favorite Igloo Music?
  13. Do you like having fewer members? Why or why not?
  14. Do you wish there were more peeps on CPF?
  15. Dypap?
  16. How often do you play CP?
  17. How many stamps have you collected on Club Penguin?
  18. How long do you usually spend on Club Penguin?
  19. How long we spend in Club Penguin (2)
  20. Your favorite event of 2010?
  21. Do you have a brown puffle?
  22. What game do you like the most?
  23. New March Clothing
  24. favorite clothing item?
  25. What year did you join CPF?
  26. Do you like the fashion show?
  27. Do you think purple puffles are cute?
  28. turning into puffles???
  29. What do u think about members?
  30. have you met rockhopper!
  31. Whats your fave type of puffle?
  32. YouTube
  33. Stamps VS Pins
  34. what is your favorite iggy
  35. Did you find gary?
  36. Favorite Treasure Book item?
  37. Should SMS Be a way of paying for membership?